USB RFID Reader Module with RFID Antenna Switch Unit


In many applications it is necessary to work with more than one RFID antenna. This can be required e.g. when documents which provides more than one transponder must be read, or when the location of a transponder inside a document can vary as it is the case for electronic passports.

The RFID antenna switch Add-On integrates seamlessly into the URM RFID Reader and allows the connection of 3 separate RFID antennas. The RFID antenna switch is controlled by the USB RFID Reader Module. The RFID Reader Module handles the RFID electronic multiplexer and connects at a given time one RFID antenna to the RFID Reader Module by using low-loss electronic RF switches.

The firmware of the USB RFID Reader Module is able to poll for a transponder and switches between the antennas automatically which makes this a perfect solution for e.g. terminals and transponder personalization and testing devices

The PC/SC driver as well as the SDK provide also full support of the RFID antenna switch and passport readers which need often two RIFD antennas can be handled, too.

In the case that three antennas are sot sufficient for some solution, the 8 x RFID Antenna Switch in combination with the URM-IND can handle up to 8 separate RFID-Antennas.