USB IO Module

LucidControl USB IO Modules

  • Data acquisition and control

  • Cost effective and flexible

  • Platform independent

  • Windows® and Linux

  • Compatible with RPi and Beagle Bone

  • Clippable on DIN-Rail

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  • Industrial & home automation

USB Digital Input Module with 4 Channels

USB Digital Input Module

LucidControl Product Series

  • 4/8 digital inputs

  • 3 voltage level options

  • Opto insulated contacts

  • Counters and edge detectors

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USB Digital Output Module with 4 Output Channels

USB Digital Output Module

LucidControl Product Series

  • Opto insulated option

  • 4/8 digital outputs

  • Relay module option

  • Pulse width modulation and timers

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  • Switching and power control applications

USB Analog Input Module - 4 Voltage Input Channels

USB Analog Input Module

LucidControl Product Series

  • Measurement range options

  • 4 analog inputs

  • e.g. 0 ~ 10 V or -10 ~ 10 V

  • 14 bit resolution

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  • Acquisition of sensor signals

USB Analog Output Module - 4 Voltage / Current Channels

USB Analog Output Module

LucidControl Product Series

  • 4 analog outputs

  • Output range options

  • e.g. 0 ~ 10 V or -10 ~ 10 V

  • 12 bit resolution

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  • 0 ~ 10 V control applications

USB RTD Input Module

USB RTD Input Module

LucidControl Product Series

  • 4/8 Pt100 / Pt1000 RTD inputs

  • Temperature range: -180 ~ 180 °C

  • 0.1 °C resolution

  • Heat control applications

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  • Logging of temperatures

Controlling voltage and current outputs with the USB Analog Output Module

USB Analog Output Module

LucidControl consist of a range of unique USB IO Modules for analog and digital control and data acquisition which are helpful in various projects.

LucidControl IO Modules can be integrated without much hassle into switch cabinets being really common in automation sector because of the versatile DIN-rail mountable enclosure. Additionally, the I/O units are supplied with high reliable and also plugable connections which is beneficial for most applications in general.

The IO Modules are USB power supplied and work stand-alone without the need for extra adapters which makes LucidControl a low-cost equipment also for mobile products. In order to run the equipment the primarily stuff that is needed is actually a link with a a conventional USB port.

LucidControl is the perfect system for both, starters as well as experts since they provide extensive software utilities and also SDKs for many programming environments which makes their usage totally straight forward. In the training field, the equipment can be used by students to get their first experiences in automated development.

For the do-it-yourself branch the low-cost input and output units can also be added to distribution cabinets making it simple realizing a tidy and straight forward design e.g. for controlling lights.

Without needing extra drivers, the devices are operating instantly with many relevant computers and work with MS Windows® and also Linux operating systems.

In addition to conventional personal computers LucidControl USB USB IO Modules are also compatible with embedded computers like the Raspberry Pi which makes the I/O modules extremely usable. Making use of Linux operating system these small computers are absolutely best prepared in order to create Internet programms and make all IO functionality available through the Internet.

Functions of the USB Analog Output Module

For handling analog signals such as voltages, the USB Analog Output Module and the USB Analog Input Module stand for this type of IO Module and are equipped for acquiring and generating analog based channels. The USB Analog Output Module is prepared to generate four output voltage and current signals.

To be prepared the hard specifications of plenty of tasks, the USB DAC lines are ready to generate voltages in the ranges of 5V, 10V and 24V. Taking the analog voltage interfaces of 0-10V and 0-24V as an example, they represent 2 value ranges which are significant in the building sector and are covered by the USB Analog Output Module.

The USB Analog Output Module of the LucidControl USB IO product series are also available with current outputs delivering 0-22mA made for current loop connections which have usually 4-20mA range.

Managing a central heating system and dimming illumination are only 2 kinds of everyday use cases the USB Analog Output Module can be utilized for.

To avoid signal loss on the line at any price the analog output module is prepared to generate 4-20mA current loops which allow transmitting of analog signals over extended distances loss free.

Output voltages in the range of -24V-24V can be reached by merging two channels of the USB DAC Module with negative -12V-12V selection to one enhanced channel.

The analog voltage output unit is employing a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) providing a resolution of 12 bits and guarantees a characteristic accuracy of 0.25% providing an excellent compromise regarding price and precision what is highly suitable for many managing tasks.

Our products focus is it to equip the IO Devices with numerous interfaces to make these products ready for most purposes. Extra information relating to the LucidControl Universal Serial Bus I/O modules are available on our web page.

USB digital to analog conversion (USB DAC) of 4 voltages / currents

The USB Analog Output Module generates 4 programmable analog voltage or current sources and it is available for different output voltage ranges: 0-5V, 0-10V.

Optionally, the USB Analog Output Module is also available for negative output voltages of ±5V, ±12V.

Two of the four output terminals can be combined in order to create up to two floating output voltages without having a common ground line with the host computer.

The current output option of the USB Analog Output Module provides current sources of 4-20mA instead of voltages. It is dedicated to build USB programmable 4-20mA interfaces. 4-20mA interfaces are the industry standard for reliable long distance transmissions of measurement signals. The advantage of 4-20mA interfaces is the elimination of the transmission line itself.

Current sources drive a specified current through a load. Because of the limited current provided by USB, the maximum ratings must be considered.

In order to fit the application best and in order to reduce the consumed power the a minimum, current outputs are carried out in two different ways fitting two different burden resistors of 250 and 500 Ohms.

High precision USB DAC Module

All analog output channels are independent and have a accuracy of 0.25% and a resolution of 12 bit.

True 0 Volt output

The outputs are able to drive exactly 0.0V without an offset.

Typical Application: 0-10V and 4-20mA Interfaces

The 0-10V option is best suited to generate 0-10V interfaces as they are wide-spread in automation, home automation and building sector.
For example, the module can control the flow of pumps or the power of central heating units.

Additionally, 0-10V interfaces are often used in order to control the brightness of lightning. The USB Analog Output Module is able to supply up to 4 voltages and hence it can control up to 4 lightning systems.

In combination with the AI4 USB Analog Input Module, which provides 4 analog input channels, a reliable transmission of measurement data can be realized with the 0-10V interface.

For long distance transmission it is recommended to realize a 4-20mA interface by using the 4-20mA current option of the USB Analog Output Module.

Galvanic USB Isolation

All LucidControl USB IO Modules are available with galvanic USB isolation. Contact us for more information.

Bus Powered – No Power Supply needed

All LucidControl are most cost-effective because the required power is supplied by USB and they do not need additional power supplies. Since the Analog Output Modules are able to drive high voltages and high currents the USB current limits must be taken into account and an additional USB hub with external power supply is recommended.

Industrial ready Design

The housing of LucidControl can be directly mounted on standard DIN-Rails ready for switch board assembly.
Using industrial standard IO connectors ensures reliable interconnection.

Easy installation of Hard and Software

LucidControl modules are easy to install and start working immediately after set up.
The IO Modules are compatible with Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Beagle Bone
LucidControl provides drivers for all major operating systems. Command line tools and APIs for Windows and Linux are available.
API is available for .NET, Java and Python.