RFID Chip Module Test Units

We are able to supply our customers with test and initialization equipment that can be used in the production facility as well as in the lab. This equipment is based on our own RFID Reader Module which gives full control over the RFID functionality of any chip module. In this section we explain our solutions how RFID Chip Modules can be tested and initialized in the production process.

Testing RFID Chip Modules without antenna

RFID Chip Modules are typically delivered on a 35mm tape. In the production process they are punched out, placed on a substrate and connected to some kind of RFID antenna forming an transponder finally. After the antenna has been connected, the Chip Module can be accessed via the air interface. But how to check e.g. the incoming RFID Chip Modules from the supplier?

Here come our solutions into the game because the do not need the Chip Module being connected to an antenna forming an complete transponder. Our Chip Module Test Units connect the URM RFID Reader with the RFID Chip Module by test pins forming an electronic contact.

Process 21 RFID Chip Modules in parallel

RFID Chip Module Test Unit

Testing and initialization tasks for RFID Chip Modules are often a time consuming production process and it is necessary to operate in parallel. When a RFID Chip Module is tested or personalized a big amount of data is transferred to the RFID Chip Module which can take several seconds per Module.

Our CMT-21 RFID Chip Module Tester allows to process up to 21 RFID Chip Modules simultaneously which increases the throughput enormously. Each of the 21 test positions is connected to one URM RFID Reader by a RF cable.

The Chip Module Test Unit is typically mounted on a movable axis. When the axis moves down it creates a contact with the RFID Chip Module via test pins and allows the activation and operation of the Chip Module.

On the host computer there are 21 instances of the URM RFID Reader available. These units can be accessed by a application in parallel by separate threads. For these application the standard API can be used but we have also an optimized Linux API available.

This solution explains the available technology which is scalable and adaptable to your needs. The integration of this technology into an exiting or planed machine is typically realized together with the customer. Please contact us for further information.

RFID Chip Module Test Unit

6 way RFID Chip Module Test Unit

With the RFID Chip Module Test Unit it is possible to access up to 6 MOA2 / MCC8 RFID Chip Modules subsequently. The device contacts the RFID Chip Modules by test pins and allows to test, initialize or personalize the RFID Chip Modules. The integration of the RFID Chip Module Test Unit is straight forward because it is controlled fully by our Industrial RFID Reader.

The RFID Chip Module Test Unit connects via test pins to the RFID Chip Module when mechanical pressure (e.g. created by a motor or an air pressure cylinder) puts the test pins on the RFID Chip Modules which are typically on a tape.

In contradiction to the contactless interface the conductive link reduces the environmental influences (e.g. electrical disturbances, EMV) and makes the RFID Chip Module accessible before a RFID antenna was connected to the Chip Module.

The RFID Chip Module Test Unit is fully controlled by our Industrial RFID Reader which supplies all necessary signals. One out of the 6 module positions is connected to the RFID reader at a given time.