Technical Description of the USB HF Reader Module

The URM (Universal HF Reader Module) is an ISO 14444A and ISO 14443B compatible proximity RFID read/write device operating at 13.56 MHz.

The HF RFID Reader is able to inspect, test, and personalize all compatible transponders as they are e.g. used in the public transport or e-Government sector and moreover it is fully compatible with the requirements of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).

The URM is characterized by high speed transactions, interoperability and flexibility. It is best suited to integrate RFID functionality into existing systems.

In view of its small dimensions, the USB HF RFID Reader can be fitted easily into small devices. Outward interfaces simplify the connection with a computer as well as the integration into micro-controller based systems. Digital IO lines allow interaction with third party hardware.

A RF-Interface based on the 50 Ohm system allows flexible, customized RFID Antenna designs. The RFID antenna can be located at a given distance to the URM and it can be connected to the URM by using standard RF Cables avoiding losses and RF-Shielding issues.

The URM RFID Reader Module supports reading distances up to 80 mm and communication speeds up to 848 kBit / sec.

Additional Features

An extendable modular design makes the URM highly customizable and allows Add-On modules for additional functionality. The available modules can e.g. switch between multiple antennas, add contact smartcard interfaces or add customized functions.

A comprehensive software development kit (SDK) including a PC/SC driver, a virtual comport driver (VCOM) and well documented functions and examples for most programming languages are supporting a steep learning curve and giving full access to all URM functions to the programmer.

A RFID Starter Kit containing all necessary components is available.

Customer Specific Add-On Modules

Customer specific Add-On modules can be realized. If external devices need e.g. analog signals or additional control lines to drive some hardware, the flexible Add-On design allows much additional functionality.

URM-F with Flange Enclosure

If the URM RFID Reader Module should be integrated into a device which comes not with its own housing, the available plastic enclosure protects the bare electronics and allows to attach the electronic to e.g. a switch board.