CPM – Chip Module Processing Machine

Initialization and Pre-Personalization of Contact and Contact less Chip Modules

Machine Features

The picture shows a typical configuration of the CPM with two encoding heads located at the middle section.

The CPM is the perfect turnkey chip module initialization and personalization solution for development, testing and pre-personalization of contact and contactless chip modules.
It is the industry proven and cost effective solution for labs, chip card production facilities and chip OS / Applet development.

  • Initialization of contact and contact less chip modules
    • ISO 14443 A/B contact less chip modules e.g. Infineon SLE78, NXP P5CD080, NXP P60
    • MOA2 / MCC8
    • ISO 7816 6 and 8 contact chip modules
    • Dual Interface
  • Flexibility
    • Up to 2 independent encoding head postions
    • Customizable encoding heads
  • Optical inspection
  • Bad part punch
  • Reel-to-Reel handling of 35mm tapes
  • Compact equipment, dimensions 140cm x 50cm, desktop operation
  • Low noise, operates with main power only, no pneumatics needed.
  • Optional integrated industrial PC and touch panel
  • Software and Support
    • Machine control interface
    • Network monitoring
    • PC/SC, C# libraries available
  • Optional housing, safety features available

Zoomed in the contact less chip module encoding head with 21 positions


  • Pre-Personalization
  • OS / Applet loading
  • Security Key Exchange
  • Development and quality control
  • Chip module tracking, 0 balance
  • Generation of UID lists
  • Verification of incoming goods

Up to two independent encoding heads can be mounted on the CPM. The encoding unit can be equipped with various types of encoding heads. Standard encoding heads are available for:

    • MOA2 / MCC8 contactless modules, 21 positions
    • 6 / 8 contact modules, 14 / 10 positions
    • COMCL modules in development

Encoding heads can be customized. For example, it is possible to design an encoding head with 42 contactless positions.